Wilhelmina Social Videos

Tapping into our deep experience in crafting content suitable for multiple platforms out of one production, and combining that with our fashion and lifestyle shoot expertise, we think that we're a natural fit to work with WIlhelmina on original content to help manage your brand identity.

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Shoot Ideas

Lifestyle adventure

Creating lifestyle moments with the sense of class and beauty for which WIlhelmina is renown. 

For example - Coney Island, riding a motorcycle down 5th ave, sailing around Manhattan, a rooftop cookout, playing in the snow...

wilhelmina freepeople gif.gif


Talent Show

Tapping Wilhelmina models for their specific talents and then making short pieces exhibiting them. Horseback riding, Skiing, Gymnastics, etc. This adopts production value by using idiosyncratic locations in respect to the activity - they’re doing their thing on a secluded beach, at a concert or overlooking the city from the Cloisters.


Studio shoot

Classic and clean with a stylized twist. This context is for showing what the models do best, and is the easiest for collaborating with other Wilhelmina talent - hair, makeup, production designers and stylists. With dynamic editing and some creative concepts we can make this shine in short form video. Also great for partnering with fashion designers.

Micro Documentary

Inside the normal life of these models - for instance someone sailing and we’re focusing on them as a person rather than a model. This is a great form for an exposé on a personality, as we can use their voiceover to narrate their own life.


"This Is Our Work"

The daily life of a model - school, friends, the subway -  contrasted with being a fashion model on set with full makeup and wardrobe and energy, then back into being a normal person again before walking down a supermarket aisle and shooting one fiery model look at the camera.



Types of shoots

Traveling location shoot - road trip, skiing, Coney Island


  • Small crew - Director/DP, camera assistant
  • Transportation
  • Location release if applicable (Storm King for instance)
  • Travel related expenses of crew meals, activities (horseback riding, admission, etc)
  • Lodging if applicable, could also be a shooting location with an Airbnb or akin

Single location - hotel room, dance studio, apartment


  • location fee
  • crew
  • lighting
  • craft services

Studio Shoot


  • studio rental
  • dolly/slider/gimbal
  • lights
  • props/set decoration


Talent and crew to be supplied by Wilhelmina, where appropriate:

  • models
  • hair
  • makeup
  • stylist
  • set designer
  • video editor


Video, photo and GIF content that's appropriate for many platforms - 


  • 15-30 second videos for the studio and small location shoots,
  • Longer assets with the micro documentaries (~90 sec)
  • Stills for each shoot
  • 1-3 GIFs, formatted with both .gif and .mp4 (for instagram)